Next Time Around Series

In 2010 and 2011 when I was writing the Never Too Late Series, I got quite a few messages and emails from some of my younger readers <cough, cough> asking if I would write a series about 40 yr old divorced women having to start over. Having been one myself at age 41, I thought I could probably do justice to that request. So this series was born and I began work on it. The first book has been in progress for some time, but I was having trouble finding a title that resonated with me. I think I’m satisfied with them now. If you’ve read my other work, you’ll know by now that I like to name the series books so they are related.

This series starts with a set of three former college roommates. All three are 40 now and have divorced within the last couple of years. The heroine of the first book (Chloe Zanders) has been living a whole coast away from the other two (Taylor Baird and Emma Wallace), but since her divorce has now returned to sunny California where she and her friends attended school. Together again after years of living apart, the trio decides to help each other find true love and romance.

If the other two books turn out like the first, this series will be funny, full of mishaps, and lighter story lines that will hopefully make you laugh. I am dealing with a touchy topic here and there, but was definitely shooting for humor over heartache. You can let me know later how I did.


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