Never Too Late Series

As a life-long romance reader, I have always been drawn to stories containing strong heroes and heroines who know their minds and live their truths. When I got the urge to write about older women and men, I did so with full knowledge some readers might not be interested in reading about mature characters in love. I knew there was a possibility the stories might not sell, but in typical Baby Boomer rebellious fashion, I said “screw it, I’m not making the characters younger, they need to be older”.

Why did I do this? Because when I wrote Dating A Cougar, my youngest child was twenty-six, not sixteen. Because I’ve had two, yes two, long term relationships where I continue to happily express my sexuality. I personally know people of many ages who are still falling in love as if they were seventeen and new at it. Being older just means you just get to the really profound sex part quicker, and there’s so much less fumbling in the dark. Thank goodness for experience, right?

My Never Too Late series characters are older, successful, mostly stable, and yet on the brink of starting over. Things have happened to them that color their judgments about life. They often hate getting older. Cancer has taken a loved one. Their jobs have ended. Still life goes on somehow. Good thing too, or we would all be in a lot of trouble in this world if we never saw anyone overcoming the problems of their lives. In this series, I am choosing not to dwell on how my older characters handle the trauma. I just show that they survive, and later thrive, by finding happiness despite their setbacks. I hope you through reading this books that you are inspired to overcome your own challenges and keep on living.