About the Author


After 35 years of doing everything for a living except writing books, I finally published my first romance novel in March of 2011. Ten novels later, I feel like I’m living my own “happily ever after” life as a modestly successful author who gives back to the universe by doing her best to keep several Lexington, Kentucky coffee shops in business.

I dream of selling my house and taking to the open road once I figure out how to do so without my children and grandchildren finding out. For the time being, I continue to live contentedly with my permanent fiancée of many years who helps me sneak away from real life as often as he can.

I love him dearly for it.

My story of writing romances   

As a life-long romance reader, I have always been drawn to stories containing strong heroes and heroines who know their minds and live their truths. When I got the urge to write about older women and men, I did so with full knowledge some readers might not be interested in reading about mature characters in love. I knew there was a possibility the stories might not sell, but in typical Baby Boomer rebellious fashion, I said “screw it, I’m not making the characters younger, they need to be older”.

Why did I do this? Because my youngest child is twenty-eight, not eighteen. Because I’ve had two, long term relationships where I continue to happily express my sexuality. The first one lasted for twenty-three years. I personally know people of many ages who are still falling in love as if they were a teenager and new at it. Being older–or so it seems to me–just means you just get to the profound, meaningful sex part quicker, and there’s so much less fumbling in the dark. Thank heaven for experience.

My NEVER TOO LATE series characters are older, successful, mostly stable, and yet on the brink of starting over. Things have happened to them that color their judgments about life. They often hate getting older. Cancer hits a loved one. Their jobs end. Still life goes on somehow. Good thing too, or we would all be in a lot of trouble in this world. I don’t dwell on how they handle the trauma. That’s for another type of book.  Instead, I wanted to focus on the fact that they survive, and later thrive by finding love and happiness despite their setbacks.

My ART OF LOVE series is about men and women who lead complicated, intense lives honoring their creativity enough to struggle to make a living with it. The series starts around an older man with two adult sons. I wanted to show loving and good, yet imperfect males in all their glory. I wanted to show that love really can overcome many things that seem insurmountable.

My NEXT TIME AROUND series is being written in response to the many requests I got from readers for stories about women who divorce and have to start over looking for love.

My FORCED TO SERVE series is my attempt to indulge my dark side. It is paranormal, science fiction, romance, and complicated alien relationships all rolled into one. It was a chance to write about female warriors and to do fight scenes, which have been both a challenge and great creative fun for me.

What has my writing brought me? Mostly the pleasure of knowing readers like my work. I come to my website to read the Guest Book which never fails to remind me that you are the reason I wanted to write so badly in the first place. I wanted to make you laugh and make you see that person in life with new eyes. I wanted to be inspired to keep looking for the good things in life, including your pleasure in living. I wanted everyone to know that love, sex, and romance are great at any age.

Thank you for buying my books and helping make my dreams come true. Much love and happiness, ~ Donna McDonald

PS: I really do believe that it’s never too late.